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The Weekend 2021
Together Again!

Don't delay . . . help us to meet our goal of 100 people registered by 7pm on 7/7!

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This Year's Speakers

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Tim Mackie

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Announcing Soon

We are updating speakers regularly, so check back soon!

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Janus Sanders

Engineer and Renaissance Man

How will Covid-19 make this year different from past years?

We are SO excited to be TOGETHER AGAIN! As you undoubtedly know, things won't be quite the same this year. We have to follow Young Life's Covid-19 guidelines, and Young Life as to follow the State of Oregon's guidelines. The good news is that Covid guidelines may relax as infection rates continue to decline, so keep in mind that current guidelines are subject to change at any time. As of right now here is what we know:

  • No linens will be provided, which means everyone will need to bring their own bedding (or sleeping bag) and towels.

  • Everyone will be in a cohort of up to 30 people. Cohorts will need to maintain social distance from other cohorts.  Cohorts will move through camp together and will eat together. We are working on a great plan to have this work well. 

  • Masks will be required indoors (except when sleeping or eating) when social distancing isn't possible and outdoors if more than one cohort is participating in an activity. Within cohorts, or in your cabin, masks are not required. 

  • Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms will be required to isolate (we will provide isolation rooms) and will be sent home ASAP. The rest of that person's cohort can remain at camp but will be in quarantine.

  • Daily screening is required but should be quick and simple. This includes taking temperatures and completing a questionnaire about symptoms.

  • Group gatherings will be held outdoors whenever possible. When indoors, ventilation will be increased, seating will be assigned by cohort, and sanitizing hands before entering will be requested.

  • Coffee service will look different than in years past. No self-service stations are allowed so there will not be 24/7 access, but we will do our best to still provide coffee!

  • Some or all meals may have to be outdoors or to-go style meals, but Young Life will still provide good meals. They just may look different based on what is allowed at that time. As of right now, breakfast and lunch will be planned outdoor meals, and dinner will be indoors whenever possible. 

Do you have to be vaccinated to come?

We ask that all who come are either vaccinated or have a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to arrival.


Check back here for a list of Covid testing options.

What is your refund policy?

If The Weekend has to be cancelled due to Covid-19, your registration fees will be fully refunded.

If you have to cancel for other reasons:

  • A full refund is available until August 1, 2021.

  • After August 1, 2021, refunds are not possible because our costs are fixed at this date.

  • If you have a medical emergency or serious family emergency that requires a last-minute cancellation, we will refund you after September 10th IF we are able to pay all incurred costs from The Weekend. 

What if I have dietary restrictions and / or requests?

Young Life does its best to accommodate all food allergies and diets. When you register, there is a place where you can identify your dietary restrictions.


If you have extra special needs, you are welcome to contact us so that we can work with you to come up with a plan.

Will there be
Kids' Club this year?

YES! We are putting together a volunteer team that will 'love on' your kids during five of our six main sessions:  Friday PM, Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM, and Sunday PM. Kids' Club is for ages 3 to 10.


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide care for young children under 3.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  All children must be fully potty trained or cannot participate in Kids' Club.

What is planned for tweens and teens?

Kids ages 11+ participate in the main session with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

The camp is specifically designed for middle schoolers and high schoolers. There are go-karts, zip lines, paddle boards, a huge pool, a massive sports complex that has a climbing wall, basketball courts, a sponge pit, pool tables, and much more. 


We are working on creating a whole lot of fun for tweens and teens. 


Check back for updates.

Are there scholarships?

Yes, there are limited scholarship resources at this time. 

Reach out to or call 206.858.3678 for more information.

Most years about $8,000 in scholarship resources is needed. If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, click here and choose The Weekend - Scholarship fund option.


Can you tell me about the camp and the available 

Washington Family Ranch is a Young Life camp that is located in Central Oregon, and there are two camps on the ranch property:  The Canyon and Creekside. We are staying at The Canyon. The ranch truly is located in the middle of nowhere, yet it is beautiful and well developed. The nearest town is Antelope, which has a population of approximately 40. 

The Canyon is a top-notch camp that is designed for teens, so most accommodations are bunk rooms that sleep between 4 and 14. There is limited specialty housing that is designed for adults (e.g. queen or king beds with ensuite bathrooms). 


Click here for additional information about The Canyon.  Click here to see pictures of accommodation options. Note: As of right now, we do not plan to use The Ranch House.

Is there a way for me to volunteer?

YES! And you can come for FREE!

We are currently in need of people to serve in the following ways:

  • Medial team - EMT, nurse, or doctor (spouses and children can join you at no cost)

  • Kids' Club volunteers (there is a small stipend)

  • Lifeguards (there is a small stipend)

  • Work Crew - Young Life requires a 1 work crew volunteer for every 10 people

What if my question is not answered?

We would love to connect with you!

Contact us with your question at

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